Management of Change-Induced Rework in a Construction Project

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
This study has investigated the causes of rework within a construction project, the impact of rework on the performance of the construction project and the possible reduction strategy that needs to be implemented to reduce or prevent the occurrence of rework within construction projects. The broader objective of this dissertation study was to determine the causes and impacts of rework on an existing construction project and to propose solutions on how to reduce/eliminate rework in the project. The specific objectives of the study included: (i) to study the impacts of direct and indirect cost of rework on the construction project, (ii) to compare between planned and actual cost and schedule of the construction project, and (iii) to identify the causes of rework and produce a rework reduction model. This study had been motivated by the apparent lack of concern on the main causes and impact of rework within the construction industry both at the local and international levels. The study adopted a case study approach in which various stakeholders within a given construction project were interviewed and data was also collected through observation of physical works. The semi-structured interviews were held with relevant parties involved in the construction process and data obtained from 78 professionals involved in construction of the project. The findings showed that rework is primarily caused by changes initiated by the client and the design team as a result of poor coordination, errors, omissions and noncompliance with the original specification. The study has also revealed that rework can impact on the time and cost overrun of the project. Among the rework reduction strategies that this dissertation recommends be implemented include: team building and suppliers’ and subcontractors’ involvement. This study concludes that construction and design firms need to develop systems for organizational quality measurement for the purpose of recording the occurrence of rework and the costs associated with it. 
construction project, change-induced rework