A systematic approach to evaluating mathematics teaching methodologies in an International Private School in Dubai

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The purpose of this report is to demonstrate the employment of a systematic approach to evaluating mathematics teaching methodologies and curriculum in a private international school in Dubai. The primary and junior school mathematics teaching pedagogy will be exclusively identified through a combination of various methodologies such as: a teacher questionnaire, an evaluation of the KHDA government inspection report, an examination of the current mathematical program (New Heinemann Math Scheme), an investigation of students’ ability levels (based on grade 5 ISA (ACER) scores) and an analysis of teachers’ behavioral patterns from individual and group year level and mathematics coordinator meetings. The major findings indicate that mathematics teachers mainly use traditional didactic teaching methodologies. Little evidence suggests the use of incorporating other teaching strategies such as constructivist, discovery learning, technology or the use of concrete aids within their lessons. Results indicate that student’s ‘low mathematical literacy’ scores are due to insufficient coverage of mathematical content and their lack of diversity to incorporate different teaching methodologies. This report recommends that teachers at the International School should participate in formal and informal professional development sessions and appoint a curriculum coordinator who will manage the overview of curriculum through good leadership practices, thereby assisting teachers with planning, implementing and evaluating units and programs to increase student achievement.
mathematics, teaching methodology, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), private school, curriculum, teaching strategies, student achievement