Applying Passive Design Strategies to Achieve Energy Efficient Mosque in UAE: The Case of Uptown Mirdif Mosque

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Energy and electricity have become a basic and necessary need that must be available in any place where the population is located, especially to use air-conditioning devices to obtain a comfortable thermal environment in hot and humid areas such as the United Arab Emirates. Burning fossil fuels to produce energy, as the percentage of carbon emissions increased, which is one of the types of greenhouse gases that lead to environmental pollution and global warming. Therefore, it was necessary to search and find solutions that help reduce energy consumption and alternative solutions to produce energy from clean sources. Many studies have been conducted to search for solutions and strategies that contribute to reducing energy consumption. This research aims to help build sustainable mosques that consume the least possible amount of energy while maintaining a comfortable indoor thermal environment for worshipers. By clarifying and knowing some of the different passive design strategies that can be used in building mosques such as thermal insulations, glazing, shadings, green roofs and the production of clean energy using solar panels. This research helps to know the different types and possibilities for each strategy, evaluate these strategies and types, and know their efficiency in reducing the energy consumption of the building, especially in an atmosphere similar to that of the UAE, using the IES-VE simulation program. Then a comparison was made between the strategies and their types to find out which of them are more efficient and capable of reducing building energy consumption, as the results showed that thermal insulation is the most efficient strategy than other strategies.
sustainable, energy efficient, passive design strategies, United Arab Emirates (UAE), energy consumption, alternative energy, thermal environment