Exploring the characteristics of project alliancing in oil & gas Industry Linking the benefits, expected risks and the project outcomes

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
There is general consensus on the links between project success, contracting plans and related challenges. In oil and gas industry, with multilayer set up of complex large-scale projects, the challenges of project contributors, including main contractor and subcontractors are even exacerbated. Clients though, have gradually adapted project partnering strategies to overcome the challenges, enhance project outcomes and to make the project successful. This dissertations, intends to extend an insight in regional project alliancing characteristics, including better understanding of benefits and risks of alliancing in project and the impacts on project outcome that might help project executers to build up an effective partnership. Research aim is fulfilled by developing the theoretical framework based on intensive literature review on research variables. The nature of research and adapted measurement tools are based on qualitative study, organized with sets of semi structure interviews and case study approach. Four contractors (two main contractors and two subcontracts) with different scope of supply and field of activity were selected as study sample in United Arab Emirates and Oman. Interviews were carried on with organization’s top executives and project managers with adequate experiences in handling and delivering successful partnered projects. The study has revealed a set of benefits and risks and the impacts on project outcomes. Among benefits, commercial interests, communication and integration improvement, planning and resource allocation enhancement and likelihood of higher customer satisfaction in partnered project, perceived to be of high importance. Relatively, the risks of delays in project with low quality of delivered job and the risk of decline in safe performance are main risks which could be concluded in this study. Subsequently, the likelihood of positive impact of communication improvement and negative impact of miss integration and inconsistency on project outcome is considerable.
project partnering, oil & gas Industry, project outcomes, risk, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman