Critical success factors for public private partnership in the UAE: Impact of Perception on success of PPP projects

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The new procurement method of PPP came to replace the traditional procurement, especially for infrastructure and big projects, as it is the best solution for better quality, cost effectiveness, faster outcome and risk sharing. In UAE, the PPP concept is still new, although some projects were implemented using PPP, but still need more support to evolve and expand more and more in the UAE. Newly, the UAE came to increase and apply the PPP projects into infrastructure, waste management, services and educational fields. The main aim of this study is to know the effect of PPP perception on the success of the PPP project in general, and the effect on groups of critical success factors. The survey results, which were collected from project managers who are working in the UAE, and analyzed using SPSS, show a positive relationship between PPP perception and critical success factors in general, and with Favorable economic condition, Stable Political and social environment and Project implementability. This study also shows variables, which Perception consist of, which are (Guidance and training, Experience and knowledge, Skills, Communication and Collaboration and Attitude)
critical success, Public Private Partnership (PPP), project managers, United Arab Emirates (UAE)