EdPERF: The development of an instrument to measure perceived service quality in secondary schools

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Private education has become a profitable business. But, profitability can only be achieved if the perceived service quality is acceptable to customers who, in the case of schools, are students and parents. Service quality in schools emphasizes the need for management to identify and improve service delivery continuously. This study developed a protocol (EdPERF) for determining quality service provision in schools. It drew on best practice from accreditation instruments of leading international school accrediting agencies. EdPERF measures the quality of service delivery in schools by analyzing customer perception in four key areas: School Leadership, Academic Success, Non Academic Aspects and Support Services The purpose of EdPERF is to help school managers identify areas in which customers are not satisfied with the service they currently receive. Establishing methods to improve this quality enables school managers to achieve a competitive advantage and build customer satisfaction. Results obtained from private schools and the conclusions drawn were shared with the Principals. Their subjective opinions on the level of validity were used to assess the effectiveness and reliability of the instrument. The Principals concurred that the protocol had indeed identified areas which they too had observed. The author is proposing an industry specific instrument that identifies areas of satisfaction/dissatisfaction as perceived by parents and students, and validated by school managers.
secondary schools, private education, service quality, EdPERF, school leadership, academic success, school managers