A Strategic HRM and Project Management in an Abu Dhabi Governmental Organization – UAE

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Until today, there is little consensus on an explicit definition of Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) as well as Project Management (PM), which complicates measuring and understanding the relationship between both concepts. This dissertation aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of SHRM based on the current academic understanding of the concept in relation to various fields including organizational strategy, organizational performance, employment modes, leadership styles, and particularly the discipline of Project Management. It includes a critical review that compares and contrasts previous studies. The dissertation explores SHRM and PM practices in a governmental Organization in Abu Dhabi – Organization ABC, which is mainly derived from documentary sources, organizational policies and procedures, providing a chronological order of different events relating to the research subject and their influence on the development of a strategic HRM in Organization ABC. The case study research concentrates on employees’ interviews feedback and account in 3 main fields; Human Resource Management (HRM), Strategy Management and Project Management (PM), as well as the researcher's participant observation as an employee of the organization for more than 3 years. These techniques are justified based on their relevance and appropriateness to the case study to gain an optimal insight into the research problem. This study results found that HRM in Organization ABC is functional and is moving towards a strategic orientation. Barriers to this process are various including lack of stability, clear policies, authority, proper communication and expertise. Organization ABC maintains a great deal of potential and ability to develop in SHRM given current circumstances, policies and procedures. Also, employees in the organization demonstrated support and acknowledged the need for SHRM. In order to construct an efficient and effective strategic HRM in Organization ABC, it is critical to obtain senior management commitment to the project and build ownership of the process across the organization through raising strategic awareness and understanding. The research also proposes implementing a proper change management process that requires the collaboration of all concerned, especially HR and Strategy Management sections, while considering the national and organizational culture. Furthermore, it is recommended that appropriate competence and iv behavior strategies should be applied and a corporate governance system to ensure ethical practice of the process. It is concluded that developing SHRM will improve PM in Organization ABC which will increase the organization’s ability to achieve its strategic objectives; hence increasing corporate performance. An increased awareness of Project Management is required in Organization ABC in order to apply appropriate employment modes, HR configuration and relevant leadership styles according to the nature of the activity, human capital value and uniqueness. Finally, the dissertation gives recommendations for future research to enhance the understanding of SHRM and its implications for Project Management.
Strategic HRM, project management, Abu Dhabi, Governmental Organization, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Human Resource Management, organizational strategy, organizational performance, leadership styles, communication