An Investigative Study into the Socialization and Learning of Children at a Preschool in Dubai, U.A.E. and the Parental Demographic Factors that may Contribute to it

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Using data from the research study conducted in a preschool in UAE, the researcher has examined the effect of early years education on the learning and socialization of nursery age children. The learning and development was measured to look into the effect of the early years education on the children, and linkages were further tested to investigate the parental demographic influence on it if any. The results across all age groups and demographic factors studied are interesting. The implications of these results are timely and crucial for the UAE government, in the absence of any research done within the country on the early years education. A detailed review is provided on research proven across the world on the linkages of early years programs to children’s school readiness and their cognitive development. The position of UAE is clearly outlined, and the challenges pertaining to this crucial sector discussed. Public investment in this sector is currently negligible. The major activities in this pre-primary stage are carried out by a handful in the private sector. It can therefore be inferred that there is low participation and low quality of pre-schooling if compared to powerful knowledge economies, and given the fact that these important years form the foundation of later achievements for the young child, it is imperative that all stake holders and most importantly the government must introduce positive change and reforms and more importantly implement them effectively by increasing participation in this sector.
socialization and learning, preschool, nursery, cognitive development, early years education, parental demographic factors, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)