Role of Construction Subcontractors in Sustainable Supply Chain

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Construction industry is utilizing major quantities of natural resources most of which cannot be renewed. It is also disturbing our natural eco-system by generating a huge quantity of non-recyclable waste and different types of environmental hazards. This results in an increase requirement of sustainable development practices. One of the major areas of concern is supply chain management. Since modern construction is a job performed by multiple stakeholders, particularly subcontractors and suppliers, selection of most appropriate subcontractors and suppliers is a key to success. However, traditional practices of supply chain management are not participating in sustainable development. This study investigates the importance of sustainable supply chain management in construction industry as well as the role of subcontractors in sustainable development and suggests motivational steps required to integrate subcontractors into sustainable supply chain management system. Qualitative method of research was adopted by conducting semi-structured interviews for data collection. Procurement/ contract experts from four construction firms were interviewed. It was found in the research that regulatory legislations, customers’ requirements, financial incentives and corporate policies are the major factors motivating subcontractors to adopt sustainable practices. Recommendations are made for successful implementation of sustainable supply chain management.
construction subcontractors, sustainable supply chain, construction industry, environmental hazards, supply chain management, sustainable development