Sustainability in water resources

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
This dissertation is dedicated to a detailed investigation of the sustainability of water resources in the United Arab Emirates. Due to high water consumption rates, the utilization of thermal methods for water generation, and the insufficient use of desalination and wastewater recycling instruments in the country, the nation faces the threat of water scarcity. This study aimed to investigate the sustainability of water resources in the UAE in detail and offer practical recommendations concerning the ways in which the government could make its water management systems more sustainable. The study used a quantitative research methodology and the research method of a survey to collect a significant amount of quantitative data on the problem under investigation. I will conduct an online survey among 186 experts and in an attempt to explore the specifics of water use and water management in the country and the potential of different instruments to ensure that the nation uses its water resources in a sustainable way. The study collected a significant amount of information about the key problems and challenges related to water management and offered a number of practical recommendations, such as encouraging a shift towards reverse osmosis in water desalination, separation of grey and black wastewater during the process of wastewater recycling, and changes in residents’ water consumption patterns. All these recommendations are discussed in detail in the dissertation, which makes its findings valuable both from the practical and from the theoretical perspective.
sustainability, water resources, United Arab Emirates (UAE), wastewater recycling, water consumption