Project Manager-Fit and Project Success in United Arab Emirates

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
More companies in the United Arab Emirates are applying project management to perform projects and assist them in delivering quality services and products. Since there is a demand for competent project managers, more research is needed to identify the effectiveness of fit project managers. As a result, this research project provides an in-depth understanding of the roles that project managers play in the success of projects in the United Arab Emirates. In the literature review, notion of fit is an important factor in acquiring competent project managers. As a result, this research project uses the qualitative research method to achieve its objectives. This research method is relevant because it helps gain the understanding of individuals’ perceptions and insights on project manager fit to ensure project success. Moreover, with the use of structured interviews, information will be attained from the informants. Consequently, after data is collected, it will be analysed to come up with the research findings. It was concluded that the success of projects are manifested in the relationships between the notion of fit, project managers’ personalities, and project profiles. Moreover, the research project shows the relevance of fit for companies in the United Arab Emirates, which is indicated by relationship between person-organization fit and the companies’ turnover. In addition, it is important to acknowledge that the research project had a number of limitations. Among them was time constraint between the researcher and the informants. Secondly, it was difficult to acquire answers to all interview questions since each of the informants had different opinions. As a result, there is need for carrying more research on the topic to ensure that it fully addressed. This research project was able to identify that for project success, the role of leadership is important.
project manager, project success, United Arab Emirates (UAE), project management