Oil and gas industry tanks Inspection, maintenance and repair as per international Engineering standard

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The British University in Dubai
This dissertation is centered on inspection, maintenance and repair of oil and gas tanks. The tanks play a vital role of storing oil and gas products as they await transportation or further processing. These products are highly inflammable. They have to be well inspected, maintained and repaired to prevent cases of catastrophic failure. This paper explores these procedures, in relation to the American Petroleum Institute (API) 653 guidelines. The new technologies used in inspection have also been examined and their impacts on inspection, maintenance and repair projects. Primary data collected through questionnaires and interviews were used. The findings revealed that the new technologies used in oil and gas tank inspections include ultrasonic testing, robotic testing, and acoustic emission testing. The main advantage of using these technologies is that the storage tanks can be inspected without necessarily removing them from service. This has not only improved the efficiency of the processes, but also the safety of the inspection and maintenance personnel. The new technologies have also increased adherence to the API 653 guidelines because they have made it easier to conduct inspections on all the stipulated parts of the oil storage tanks. However, there are several areas of these guidelines that need to be improved. These areas include improving monitoring and audits, addressing the API 653 certification handled for the inspectors and putting in place stringent measures for non-adherence to the guidelines.
gas tanks, oil and gas industry, international Engineering standard, maintenance and repair