The Role of Work-Life Balance on Faculty Retention in UAE Higher Education Sector

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The purpose of this study explores the role of work-life balance on faculty retention in the UAE. Using qualitative research method, a sample of HR representatives of a number of universities in the UAE were interviewed to gain insight into their perspectives of work-life balance, importance, and challenges faced while attempting to improve it for faculty. Similarly, interviews with faculty members were conducted to obtain a better understanding of their perspectives. In a diverse culture present in the UAE, the study revealed that both faculty and HR representative were aware of the meaning of work-life balance and its challenges. They also discussed ways to improve it. However, the role of work-life balance on faculty retention in the UAE was inconclusive which can be due to the socio-cultural and economic factors.
work-life balance, faculty retention, HR representative, United Arab Emirates (UAE)