Innovation in Public Private Partnership (PPP) in the UAE Construction Industry

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Recently, private public partnership (PPP) has become a research hotspot owing to the advantages it offers in sparing experience and expertise of the private sector in order to best manage public services. However, innovation in PPP was seldom reported in literature for construction projects that are particularly vital for the UAE industry where such procurement methods are uncommon. Consequently, this work aims to identify the impact of innovation implementation elements on the delivery of successful UAE PPPs Projects and enhancement to the projects constraints. A total of 56 innovation experts participated in this research via an online questionnaire. It consisted of 5 major components, namely, innovation drivers, enablers, inputs, barriers, and benefits; further, the questionnaire consisted of 36 questions in total. Results revealed that innovation promote projects success by providing benefits affecting all constraints including decrease in construction duration, increase in client satisfaction, Public and Private sectors long term profitability and future business collaboration. However several barrier factors are impacting innovation such as financial shortage and lack of expertise. The findings of this paper are expected to facilitate both sectors adoption practices to stimulate innovation in UAE PPP developments, and accordingly, to effect the enhancement of projects constraints and assurance of their success.
Public Private Partnership (PPP), innovation, United Arab Emirates (UAE), construction industry