The correlation between urban form and travel behavior to have climate comfort

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
People attitude one of the most valuable tools in the urban planning process; it gives a broad vision of the alternative that could do during the planning process. Travel behaviour can reflect the way that resident prefer to their city to be like, the level of mature and awareness to the serious issues that can affect the developing process. The focus of this study is to examine the impact of urban form on the travel behavior to gain the climate comfort and to figure out a balance between top down and bottom up planning. The case study of the Sharjah city will present to examine this hypothesis. The aim of this study is to investigate the social construction of urban form on the travel behavior to gain the climate comfort in the microclimate scale to find a justified balance between all of these parameters to achieve sustainability. The importance of the study is that it should provide the richness of a case study scenario to underpin the impact of the social construction of the urban form and provide a significant understanding of urban form and its implications on the environment. Interviews will be semi-structured and collaborative to generate data, which will contribute to an understanding of how people attitude expectations influenced “lived experience.” On the other hand, it provides a basic tool to understand the travel behaviour of different level of the community as it will hold in the United Arab of Emirates. It has a variety of culture, religion and education background. Based on previous knowledge and practical experiment, and preceding studies; the approach to sustainable urbanism is an urgent need to the development of countries; it reflects the level of civilization of nations. In this research, it will more focus on achieving holistic sustainable development practices to a neighbourhood so people could live at a decent level and give a panoramic view to all aspects of sustainability to get at the end a smart design. The main issue here is the well-being of people and their condition whether it is psychological, social, and economic or even climatically comforts.
urban form, travel behavior, climate comfort, urban planning, sustainable development, micro urban development