The Effectiveness of Project Teams

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The purpose of this research is to measure team effectiveness in a governmental organisation by examining quantitative data to know if team synergy, performance objectives, skills, resources and innovation have an effect on team effectiveness. The population of this research is employees working in two different project teams in the same government organisation. The first team is called “Working Manual Development Team” and consists of 15 members. The second team is called “Software Development Team” and consists of 12 members. Six main objectives were formulated at the beginning of this research. The first objective is to explore the different types of teams and how it related to the group. Secondly, explore the characteristics of an effective team. Thirdly, explore the stages of team building/formation. Fourthly, explore leaders’ role in team effectiveness. After that, the competencies that make effective teams will be examined. Finally, the relationship between synergy, performance, skills, resources, innovation and team effectiveness will be measured. The findings show that team effectiveness measurement is new in United Arab Emirates organisations. Therefore, it is recommended to explore more and train employees about this concept. The research finds that many leaders in organisation can not distinguish between teams and groups, which results in affecting the performance of the organisations in achieving their objectives. Lastly, team leaders need to possess certain competencies to allow them to manage their teams effectively. Further, the data results analysis show that there are high positive relationship between different variables in different clusters (Synergy, Performance, Skills, Resource and Innovation). Another finding is that there was homogeneity in both team members’ responses, therefore, both team members’ results can be assumed as coming from one group.
team effectiveness, project teams, government organisations, performance, United Arab Emirates (UAE), leaders