The Effect of Project Level Activities On Portfolio Management Efficiency In UAE Organizations

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Nowadays, programme and portfolio management (PPM) are vital especially in projectize business environments in order to achieve organization and business success. Organizations worldwide, and recently UAE organizations, depend on IT projects to implement their strategic objectives which lead to increase the demand on effective PPM. Effective and efficient implementation of PPM can giver any organization competitive advantage as well as success. The purpose of this assignment is to examine the importance, current practices and measures of PPM in the UAE government agencies. In addition, it aims to investigate the barriers to effective and efficient implementation of PPM from project management activities side or perspective. The research process uses mainly qualitative research methods. The research reviews extensively literature of project and portfolio management which leads the researcher to design the conceptual framework. Three cases studies were conducted based on semi-structured interviews, survey, and observation and reviewing the secondary data. The results show collaboration with earlier studies findings, in terms of argument between the effect of the eight project level activities on project success and PPM efficiency and effectiveness. However, realization of project benefits after completion, the involvement of PM in PPM project activities & vice versa and project ownership show themselves as barriers to PPM efficiency and effectiveness implementation rather than the other activities. The research recommends that the organizations should implement portfolio management Project Portfolio Life Span (PPLS) to reduce the gap between portfolio planning and portfolio management. Also, the organizations should assess the strategic alignment using the alignment measurement methodology to all levels. Finally, the relation between project owner or PPM, and project manager should be properly identified and addressed.
project level activities, portfolio management, organizations, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Programme and Portfolio Management (PPM)