A study of the Impact of cultural diversity on the Technological Innovation process in the Nuclear Energy Corporations

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
This research paper studies the effect of cultural diversity on the technological innovation procedure in the nuclear sector in the UAE. The research is based on both secondary and primary resources of information. The main points in this study is to show the advantages of cultural diversity in recognition of innovation procedure, the driving forces for nuclear technology innovation, the nuclear innovation programme, the contests of cultural diversity in recognition of the innovation technique and the current approaches to accomplish the cultural diversity for the performance of the innovation procedure. For the primary data, it has been gathered from a sample of the staff working in the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporations, which has been selected from a big group to run the primary research. Subsequently the will concentrate on the literature review to find the essential data and dexterity for leading the study. In addition, the procedure specifies the proper study approaches for acting the study work. After the information has been collected it has been analysed using statistical tools to reach to results and outcomes, and illustrations are additionally included. The data analysis will critically use the Univariate analysis model to achieve the research objectives. For the research the probability sampling, specifically the simple random sampling, has been chosen to ensure that, everyone in the population have the chance to participate in the questionnaire. In the contemporary framework, there are 75 employees of the Emirates Energy Corporation (ENEC) are selected to accumulate the measurable information, whereas three managers from the same institute are picked for assembling the descriptive and valuable information. Nevertheless, the study displays conclusion that summarize the whole research results and recommends a variety of approaches to create better and positive impact of the cultural diversity practices in the nuclear segment to improve the innovation procedure in this critical sector. It includes the costs of communicating, and the access of market, unique concepts, as well as, the reserve apportionment are the highly vital features of the innovation procedure in the nuclear segment. lastly, the different limitations to the study as well as both practical and theoretical implications are introduced. Such limitations included the valuable information are not available to be found from different well known experts due to the short specific period to do the research, in addition to the little amount of money provided some obstacles to be able to use an expert software to examine and check the information and the sample size is relatively limited. In addition, there are some recommendations and action plan for some of the tips that can help in making the best use of cultural diversity in the nuclear industry to foster technological innovation, such as Providing executive level support and accountability, creating an systematic use of scientific and technical knowledge approaches to increase the denoting and the real capability to do actions, and creating a system for handling the unfairness between the selected employees.
cultural diversity, technological Innovation process, nuclear energy, United Arab Emirates (UAE)