Decision-making Bid or Not to Bid in Construction project – UAE

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The British University in Dubai (BUID)
The definition of bidding in construction filed is the ability of the company to make offers or tenders for a job opportunity. The construction filed. Construction in the UAE accounts for 14% of the UAE's total GDP (Gross Domestic Product). The economy performance can be measured by GDP’s indicator. Growth in GDP it means strong economy and high standard of living. This strong relationship between the construction tenders and the country's GDP growth highlights the importance of improving the quality of decision making and bidding strategy in industry filed. This leaves no room for doubt that poor bidding practices contributes in ineffectiveness industry performance. Decision to bid or not to bid is crucial judgment to balance the benefit of the trade-off between the high probabilities to sign the contract and the cost of bidding preparation considering the factors influence the bidding process in order to enhance the organization performance and decision’s strategy. Decision to bid / no bid is linked with uncertainty which usually emerged from project feature with dynamic changed situation. Questioners were distributed to 100 Employees of construction companies from different departments, levels and domain such as engineering, top management, consultant, commercial operations, business operations. Sixty seven (67) participants were completed the survey and sent their response. Data have been analyzed by SPSS soft wear, descriptive analysis, Cronbach alpha test to validate the received feedback, correlation test to measure the relationship between identified organization factor and finally liner regression test to predict the changes on dependent variables (decision making bid / no bid) and to support the rejection of null hypotheses Hₒ and accept of alternative hypotheses. This study recommend to avoid rule of thumbs in bidding process and to build reputation and competent consultancy. Key Words: Bidding Process, Bidding decision, Bid / no Bid factors
decision making, bidding process, bid factors, United Arab Emirates (UAE), construction project