Home Automation Awareness in United Arab Emirates

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
More than ever, we use internet excessively almost everyone access the world wide web daily, from kids to elderlies, even from people with different academic backgrounds we use it to connect, socialize and even perform tasks. By 2020, numbers indicates that 21 billion devices are going to be connected to the internet. In fact every “Thing” can be connected to internet from smartphones, tablets, watches, cars, appliances and even homes, better known as “Internet of Things”. Mega IT companies are investing into researches to combine IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and automation to increase the efficiency and productivity of things around us hoping to make people’s life more convenient. Internet of things, Home Automation and smart home technologies will transform our homes and the way we live drastically. Home Automation empowers users to control and monitor their houses remotely. The question is; are we ready for this change? Are we aware of the benefits of it? Are we going to think about the risks? But most importantly are we going to adopt this technology? One of United Arab Emirates strategic goals for 2021’s National Vision is to provide sustainable housing for its national citizens. With full awareness to invest in renewable and clean sources of energy and be less dependent on using nonrenewable sources of energy like fossil fuels and natural gas, moreover preserve water and natural resources. In addition to, investing in the latest telecommunication and IT sectors. The goal is to form a new kind of modern Utopia, which are “Smart Cities”, wither by renovating the existing structure or by totally building a new smart infrastructure from scratch. This research will highlight the importance of adopting smart technologies in this phase of time into your home. With the aim of conserving electrical power and water as well as increase comfort and security level, it will closely survey the user’s opinion by analyzing the smart home automation technology and the ways of selecting the right energy saving appliances, lighting fixture and water saving tools.
home automation awareness, United Arab Emirates (UAE), smart home technologies, National vision, IT sector, smart cities