Impact of Cultural Variations on Knowledge Transfer in International Joint Ventures – The UAE Example

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British University in Dubai
Knowledge management is considered a crucial organizational issue. Knowledge is regarded as an indispensible resource for organizations. As a result, organizational learning has become one of the most challenging tasks of modern organizational management. In this context, international joint ventures are considered the most appealing approach to achieve organizational learning. From a knowledge perspective, the objective of international joint ventures is to transfer organizationally embedded knowledge between the distinct joint venture partners. Such knowledge transfer, however, is influenced by the cultural variations between joint venture partners. The present study examines the relationship between national and organizational culture variations and knowledge transfer in international joint ventures. The effects of knowledge types and joint venture age in the transfer process are also investigated in this study. The study utilized the survey method to collect the research data from joint ventures operating in the UAE and quantitatively analyzed the data to arrive at the outcomes of the research. The findings of the study suggest that both national and organizational cultures have mixed influence on knowledge transfer. Organizational culture is shown to have greater influence as the joint venture matures overtime. The findings of this study have both practical and academic implications that can be explored in conjunction with western research outcomes.
Cultural Variations, Knowledge Transfer, International Joint Ventures, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Knowledge management, organizational learning, organizational management, organizational culture