Performance Comparison between Design-Build vs. Design-Bid-Build in construction projects at UAE

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Contracts are the main part of any construction industry and the construction is one of the main pillars of the economy in UAE. Moreover, the dynamic economy requires more development for the construction contracts to avoid ambiguity and uncertainty, which might lead to conflicts between contracts parties. The majority of construction contracts are between two parties, which may refer as Client and Contractor or Employer and contractor. In the research paper, a study is conducted to make comparison between two major types of construction contracts related to the construction industry in UAE. The first type is Design Bid Build (DBB) which is the traditional type for most of the construction contracts, in this type the client or the employer is preparing tender documents including full scope of design drawings, specifications, general conditions and bill of quantities. All those documents called the tender documents after that the contractors to prepare the commercial and the technical offers based on the full documents that they received from the procurement team, consequently the client or the employer awards the contractor the contract based on the best commercial and technical proposal. The second type is Design and Build (DB), which is the client or the employer, is preparing scope of work and basic design requirements that describes his needs without detailed bill of quantities and without full design. All those documents shall called RFP (Request for Proposal) after that the contractor to prepare the commercial and technical offers and the bill of quantities and after awarding the contract to complete the design. Moreover, there are other ways for contracts between both parties depend on the time and value of the business and the scope of the project. On the research paper, the comparison will discuss with professional project, contract & commercial mangers to highlight the differences, positives and negatives for each type. The main objectives of this research to highlight the benefits of each type, the study shall take place using mixed methodology qualitative and quantitative. The literature review will show first the methodology of interviews with semi structure interview and present five questions with the possibility of adding any points in addition to the questions. The interviews conducted by online video conferences and the result recorded by sending emails and asking them to reply each question. Most of construction projects in UAE are conducted by Design-Bid-Build contracts despite this type of contracts seems to be more time consuming, more costly and demand more resources, on the other hand Design and Build (DB) contracts are less used in UAE although it is more beneficial to be used in complex and major projects moreover it can reduce the project time and reduces the cost of the construction projects. In addition, it requires less resources and manpower.
performance comparison, construction industry, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Design Bid Build (DBB), Design and Build (DB), construction contracts