Effectiveness of communication processes in Agile Project Management Approach in the UAE Utility Sector

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The goal of this study is to find out how well the communication processes in the UAE Utility Industry work with the Agile Project Management Approach. For this reason, the present study will incorporate a quantitative research methodology that will allow the researcher to verify secondary data on the agile project management strategy. The utility sector in the UAE will be surveyed, as will its management, to gather primary data. Agile project management has suitably made it possible to obtain an appropriate balance between stability and dynamism while providing an opportunity for quick and smart strategy, structure, and process. Due to potentially strong investment from the private sector and collaboration with global investor engagement, the utility sector is considered to be one of the strongest and most lucrative businesses that offers a wide range of services. Research into the many facets of communication has the potential to improve utility sector efficiency and the effectiveness of related undertakings, contributing to structuration theory. Team members should have a voice in the agile project management process, maintain open lines of communication with stakeholders, and discuss problems in a timely manner to increase tolerance and acceptance.
project management, United Arab Emirates (UAE), utility sector, communication processes