The Impact of School Leaders’ Feedback in Enhancing Teachers’ Performance towards School Improvement: A Single Case Study among Teachers in a Private School in Dubai

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The constructive feedback provided by school leaders is considered a powerful tool that enhances teachers’ motivation, engagement, and performance towards school improvement. This study aims to understand the influence of feedback provided by school leaders on teachers' professional growth and overall performance within the context of school improvement. The research is a single case study allowing an in-depth understanding of the participants' perspectives and experiences. It involved two sets of qualitative questionnaires to collect data from school leaders and subject teachers respectively. The data was then analysed to identify the influence of school leaders’ feedback on teachers’ performance towards school improvement. The main addressed research question is ‘What is the influence of school leaders’ feedback in shaping teachers’ job towards school improvement?’. The findings of the current study prove that school leaders' feedback improves the quality of teaching instructions, fosters a loyal culture among staff members, develops teachers as leaders in their positions, and enhances school performance through better students’ academic achievements. The implications of this study would offer educational leaders’ and practitioners’ valuable insights for improving feedback practices and promoting continuous professional growth among teachers. The foremost limitation of the current study is the inability to generalize the research outcomes being a single case study with a limited sample size and research time framework. Therefore, for future studies it is recommended that the investigation could be implemented in different settings to compare findings and generalize suggestions. It has been concluded that effective feedback imparted by school leaders upon teachers’ observation is a critical factor in school improvement process.
school leadership, leader feedback, teacher, teacher performance, school improvement