Development of Smart Execution Process Model and implementation of it on a pilot project in a Power System Organization in UAE

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The research presents the process development in a project based organization (i.e. PSN business unit at ABB UAE). The researcher reviews and analyse the existing management processes with consideration of relevant literature. A new integrated process model would be developed (i.e. smart execution process model) and the existing management processes would be redesigned consequently. The newly developed processes would be implemented in a pilot project and the result would be presented and compared with previous project results. The research findings shows that early involvement of project management team in sales stage, application of gate process model (i.e. having gate review meeting with involvement of all project team members) and knowledge management (i.e. usage of lesson learned from previous projects) in project organization could improve the project execution in terms of cost and time.
smart execution process model, power system organization, United Arab Emirates (UAE), project based organization, knowledge management