The Influence of Risk on Benefits Realization in Project Management Field of the United Arab Emirates

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Purpose: The objective of this research was to assess the influence of risk on benefits realization in project management field of the United Arab Emirates. Design: For the purpose of conducting this research, a questionnaire was created and was distributed to the interviewees in order to collect data. The objective of the researcher was to formulate the questionnaire quickly and accurately. With the objective of conducting an analysis of the data, two methods of quantitative analysis were utilized that comprise correlation analysis and descriptive statistic. In particular, correlation analysis was used to test the six hypotheses that were being listed at the beginning of the research along with an investigation pertaining to global factors. To provide results for correlation analysis, factor reduction analysis, and reliability, SPSS was being used as a tool for data analysis. Findings: The results of the research provided that there is significant positive relationship between influence of risk and benefits realization in project management. Moreover, a significant positive relationship between benefits realization, reporting risk and effect of risk on executing benefits was identified. In addition to this, the findings of the study also established a link benefits realization and cultural risk. Research limitations: The main focus of the research was only towards project management field of the United Arab Emirates. In addition to this, only survey questionnaires were being utilized for the purpose of collecting data. Practical Implications: The research reveals the most important aspect is to check the influence of risk on benefits execution. This is the main strategically point where the planning is done to manage the risk influence on the expected benefits from the project. This is where the execution plan is required. It is essential for the project to make its execution plan in order to calculate the influence of risk on benefits execution phase. Originality: This study is based on existing research with respect to influence of risk on benefits realization in project management field of the United Arab Emirates.
benefits realization, project management, cultural risk, United Arab Emirates (UAE)