Assess the level of public awareness in UAE - Green roof & Facades (benefits & obstacles)

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Introduction - Green roofs and façade are getting more and more popular across the globe, it’s not a new born concept it has been around since human lived in caves. Although the UAE has witness a major development in the last four decades, but still there is a lot to do when it comes to using these systems. Research question – research aims to find out about the green roofs and façade benefits on different aspects for the end-user, also know how much people know about green systems, and their effect on buildings, and finally understand the reason behind lower demand of green roofs and façade in UAE. Methods- in an attempt to answer the research question that is targeting community response toward greenery an online survey took place to in order to collect the maximal number of responds from different backgrounds, also interviews with architects contractors and policy maker to get more specified data from experienced individuals and finally case studies was part of the research to know results of existing examples of green envelope and how do the building managers user feel about this experience and how can they take it to the next level. Results and findings- after conducting the surveys, interviews and field visits the author collected reasonable data about the level of community individual awareness and finding out challenges that face using this technology, as well as the learned lessons of the existing projects (case studies)
green roof, green wall, green facade, sustainable education, community awareness, cooling load, energy efficiency