The Integration of Sustainability in Project Management and Its Impact on UAE Construction Projects Performance

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Over the last few decades, a sustainability notion has arisen as an interdisciplinary and pioneering field endeavouring to conduct problem-driven research that associates knowledge with action. As the institutional attention to sustainability science continues to gain impetus both within the UAE and globally. The aim of this study is to examine how the integration of sustainability in project management impacts upon the performance of construction projects in the UAE. In order to achieve this aim, a literature review has been conducted to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of how sustainability is construed within construction and project management and how it is integrated in their practices and techniques. This also facilitates an understanding of the current UAE construction project practices as related to not only the integration of sustainability into construction projects, but also how practitioners assess the impact of this integration process on the performance of construction projects in the UAE. The research conducted a qualitative analysis where the structured interviews were used to gather data; 12 project managers were interviewed. The outcome of the qualitative study depicts some descriptive dimensions and themes relevant to the impact and functioning of the sustainable project management practices. These include impacts upon the corporation, leadership role, sustainability motivations and regulations, sustainability goals’ achievement, and competency of sustainable construction among the traditional construction along with the various advantages of sustainable project management and sustainable construction clarifying its best techniques and strategies.
project management, United Arab Emirates (UAE), construction projects performance, sustainable construction