A Solution for Future Designs using Techniques from Vernacular Architecture of Southern Iran, Evaz

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Historical buildings and structures are a valuable evidence to represent the method of living on the ancient times. In addition, it will prove that how the development elevated in higher positions. The life style of human became easier by the time and development of technologies. The impact of these developments have increased the quality and comfort in human‘s life. By the time the structure’s passive strategies and the way of utilization of it, will not be appropriated anymore because of the mutation in climate change, change in lifestyle, developments, new technologies and natural resources. Therefore, after a period of time the renovation and invention are two main categories to sustain the environment safe and beneficial. The project of this dissertation is about vernacular architecture in southern of Iran, Evaz. The study has covered the passive strategies and a solution which has been created at ancient times to satisfy human’s need such as drinking water. According to this area’s weather condition, this region is facing lack of water resources since long time back. That’s the reason the architectures designed a structure which could save water for long time without evaporation and getting infected. The reason of selecting this topic is the vital need of human which is water. Lack of rain and water in this region has created long term problem for local people. This dissertation with the assistance of different investigation methods such as literature review, questionnaire survey and numerical method investigated to find a solution for the problem and future use of the structures like water cistern which is made for the investing water for long time and was successful method during all these years. Through developed technology and passive strategy, a solution has been introduced to this society with covering of all requirements and solving problems of water problem in this region. The solution has been analysed from different aspects and author has described how this solution can help human’s essential requirements and how this method can have affirmative effect on economic situation of this city. In the other hand all the solutions have been given by the respect to the environment and historical structure of Evaz city. In addition to indelible the value of previous expertise and continue their method with updated technology system and in innovative technique. The result of economic aspect demonstrates with selecting accurate solution for not only vital and environmental need but also economical requirements of the city can be motivated and jobs can be created by integrating technology and updated system to the sources in the heritage buildings. In conclusion part integrating PV panel to the heritage structure has given a great feedback of durability of the structure same time of meeting local people’s requirements.
These information are based on the information and situation of the country at 2016.
historical buildings, heritage buildings, durability