Project management: perceived potential contribution of project management practices to project success in Ras Al-Khaimah UAE

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The motivation for taking this research was to understand what part of the problem executives are rehearsing as part of getting venture capital from organizations located in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. In the 1950s, the draft guidance was applied depending on the development of events and the performance of specific tasks by the strategies of managers for significant protection programs. In this sense, the leaders' project was different from the associative center exercises. This ability has helped administrators meet practical commitments to the enterprise, as well as provide self-sufficiency and space to carry out their assigned tasks. The conclusions drawn from the review are consistent with past exams, which confirm that professionalism in project development depends on different parts of the leaders' activities. Among other things, the creation of a board of directors is vital in light of the fact that a fruitful executive enterprise begins with the amalgamation of cycles and individuals into a development project. Empowering managers have a significant impact on good business results. Many companies start out with smart thoughts, huge speculation, and incredible effort. However, most of them do not make much progress. Business leaders are locked in to successfully complete a task, and they are locked in to ensure that the scope of the entire business is set from start to finish. Consequently, project managers ensure that the tasks performed contain everything needed to complete the venture, as specified in the agreement. The impact of efficient use of time on project development, as well as low time and cost efficiency, was a major issue widespread in the global development industry, and the UAE was not a special case. Correspondence is becoming an essential tool for thinking, learning, sending, addressing, and maintaining culture. Correspondence is a way of creating and transmitting social qualities. In fact, culture is the result of social contacts. Moreover, the opposite is also true: correspondence exercises are essential to building, forming, maintaining, and communicating with the community.
United Arab Emirates (UAE), waterfall PM, agile PM, project management, project success, project managers