CRM projects as a source of competitive advantage

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Customer relationship management (CRM) appears to be gaining significant importance as businesses continually seek for efficient ways to manage their relationship with customers. In the light of this, this research had a core objective of ascertaining how CRM projects serve as a source for businesses to gain competitive advantage. In arriving at this core research objective, pertinent and preliminary research objectives had to be achieved. These research objectives focused on the reasons behind the success and failure of CRM projects. The researcher utilised interviews and questionnaires to gain primary data from respondents. A mixed method research was adopted in presenting and analysing data. The thematic analytical method was used to analyse the qualitative elements of the research while charts and the Pearson’s correlation coefficient analysis, was used to establish a strong relationship between CRM projects and gaining competitive advantage. The project ended with proposing an area for further research, around customer centricity and CRM.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM), competitive advantage