Investigating the Performance of Dynamic MONOCRYSTALLINE SILICON PVs to Energy and Visual Comfort Case Study of an Existing office building in Dubai

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The British University of Dubai (BUiD)
The facades are a major factor in the energy consumption of the buildings, as the large glass facades are a great source of energy consumption, especially in hot climates. The UAE is one of the countries that contribute to spreading awareness and applying the use of alternative energy as a means to dispense with coal sources due to their impact on the environment. In addition, buildings equipped with solar panels have a promising future in terms of focusing on smart and adaptive aspects. The effect of vertical dynamic solar panels for an office building in Dubai was studied during the dynamic Rhino\DIVA program. This is to delve into the extent of the impact of the angles of the panels in terms of energy and visual comfort for the interior of the buildings, as the number of angles for three scenarios reached 314 angles during the year. Three scenarios for the panels were studied based on tracking the movement of the sun's angles, in addition to changing the type of window glass. The visual comfort of the second and third scenarios has been achieved within the required range. As for the southwest office, it achieved a reduction of 81.75% in the lighting energy and 72% in the cooling energy compared to the base case when using the third scenario with EC tinted glass. The scenarios were compared in a final step, and the absolute scenario was identified and compared with the actual bills for the entire building, in addition to the energy generated for the scenario panels. The results indicated that it is possible to reduce the energy consumption of the entire building by 43% compared to the actual bills of the building when using semi-dynamic and fixed panels during the year. In addition to the highest scenario for generating energy during the year, especially the southern office.
facade, dynamic PV, energy consumption, visual comfort, lighting energy, energy reduction, panels angles, window glass