Modeling Methodologies in Strategic Management

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
This dissertation starts with looking at different methodologies of strategic management that have been used practically and the ones that have been studied in universities. Moreover, the dissertation looks at Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA) methodology that is being used to assess Nuclear power plants safety and simplify complex systems relating all elements of these systems. Also, the dissertation introduces PSA methodology as a strategic plan modeling methodology. Therefore, A partial testing model was constructed using PSA methodology to assess an existing strategic plan in order to find weaknesses and strengths, which allow high-level management to take decision taking into consideration these weaknesses and strengths. Additionally, a comparison between PSA and the traditional modeling methodology used in United Arab Emirates (UAE), which is balance scorecard was done. The comparison was done by comparing different companies’ managers’ responses regarding the PSA model and the traditional method that is being used in most of the companies in UAE. Results had shown that further studies and simplification could help to develop PSA to suit the strategic plan modeling.
modeling methodologies, strategic management, Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA), United Arab Emirates (UAE)