The Efficiency of Classroom Management in Reducing Student Stress: A Case Study of a Public School in Fujairah

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Stress management within the classroom environment is a difficult task for a teacher whose profession is ever demanding loaded with many opportunities. The level of efficiency is reflected in the performance of a teacher and pupil if the classroom environment is troublesome which is caused by disruptive behaviour and causes stress. The objective of this thesis is to address the issue of efficiency of classroom management in reducing pupil stress by referring to the case of the U.A.E primary schools by making references to other prominent examples. Supported by secondary research sources and a qualitative research methodology of interviews with ten teachers from a primary school in the U.A.E. Findings concludes there is room for improvement when it comes to stress management and the introduction of strategies and workshops need to be applied on an active basis. However, findings also indicate that teachers do not use any form of physical abuse or form of humiliation to handle disruptive pupils but exhibit leniency and fairness in their behaviour.
classroom management strategy, United Arab Emirates (UAE), student stress, stress management, classroom environment