How Women can enhance the Level of Innovation: Case Studies of Women’s Contributions in the Construction Sector in the UAE

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British University in Dubai
Women’s contribution to innovation in the construction sector in the Arab world is an issue that has not received much attention from researchers. The reason for this is the low number of women in this sector that is caused by several challenges hindering their involvement. This paper seeks to investigate the contribution of women in the construction sector in the United Arab Emirates in terms of enhancing innovation that may encourage others to follow in their footsteps to enter this sector and excel, resulting in a step change in the culture of the sector and the country. Literature surrounding innovation, women in management, construction sector nature, women and innovation, and women in construction is thoroughly reviewed in order to build a conceptual framework wherein each case study is analyzed upon. This research study involves conducting five case studies from five different construction companies in the United Arab Emirates. Interviews and observations are done with women who have brought about innovation. Finally, a summary of the whole paper is presented, followed by a conclusion stating that women can effectively influence the climate of innovation along with its process by working hard to set an example for others to follow, motivating them to innovate as well and make a change. This is done by taking into consideration the five factors: the qualities of the champion of innovation, the team environment, corporate management, stakeholder’s support, and government regulations that affect innovation outcomes.
Level of Innovation, Women’s Contributions, Construction Sector, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Arab world, culture, women in management, motivation, corporate management