Adoption of Greywater Reuse Systems in Hotels in Abu Dhabi

dc.Location2020 HC 79 H36
dc.SupervisorProf Bassam Abuhijleh
dc.contributor.authorHammad, Areej
dc.description.abstractAvailability of water resources has become a global issue that is imperative to resolve to achieve sustainable growth for generations to come. Various solutions have been launched to conserve the environment in all its aspects and the availability of clean water is one of the most challenges facing humanity today. The UAE is ranked in the top 10 countries in regards to high baseline of water stress. Innovative approaches need to be taken by authorities, businesses, and people alike to work together to conserve water resources. One such solution is the reuse of treated greywater. Greywater is the effluent from wash basins, showers, laundry, and kitchens. Treating and reusing greywater for purposes of irrigation and toilet flushing could relieve strain on water resources. The study examined the factors that can contribute to greywater adoption in hotels in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is an attractive destination with 168 hotels. A survey was designed and distributed to hotel professionals in Abu Dhabi. The survey was designed around the Theory of Planned Behaviour in order to identify the factors that will impact the behaviour in question in this case, greywater adoption. Greywater adoption in existing and new hotels was examined and results were obtained and analyzed using SPSS. The results showed that management perception, government support and risk associated with greywater impacted decisions to adopt greywater in existing hotels while customer perception and government support were the main factors that impacted adoption of greywater in new hotels according to hotel professionals in Abu Dhabi and the conducted statistical analysis. The study concludes by providing recommendations for future research.en_US
dc.publisherThe British University in Dubai (BUiD)en_US
dc.subjectAbu Dhabien_US
dc.subjectUnited Arab Emirates (UAE)en_US
dc.subjectwater treatmenten_US
dc.subjectsustainable growthen_US
dc.subjectwater resourcesen_US
dc.subjecthotel professionalsen_US
dc.titleAdoption of Greywater Reuse Systems in Hotels in Abu Dhabien_US
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