The Influence of Project Leadership Traits of Middle Management on Project Success

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The aim of the dissertation is to investigate the influence of the project leadership traits of middle management on project success. Staff job performance is a crucial element as far as organizational project success is concerned and as such factors that contribute to its enhancement are as important to a company. Considering that middle-level managers usually have a direct supervisory engagement with the staff of a corporation and thus influence their productivity and performance directly, it would be important to understand some of the intrinsic as well as extrinsic factors that may impact on their engagement with their junior staff which in turn may influence the productivity of the latter as a fundamental contributor to project success. One such factor as delineated in this study is the project leadership traits of the manager. In this paper, staff performance was adopted as a measure of project success in which case high performance was delineated to project success. Through the employment of a mixed method approach that included both quantitative and qualitative approaches as well as review of archival literature, the study sought to gather direct feedback from a mix of mid-level managers as well as junior employees from 10 different organizations with each company having slots of 10 representatives for a total count of 100 respondents using the quantitative method. To gather data using the qualitative approach the study employed the individual interviews method with a single representative from each organization for a total count of 10 interviews. From the analysis of the data gathered from the research process as well as the correlation evaluation of information from past findings, the study proved its hypotheses and established that there is indeed a big relationship in between the project leadership traits of middle management on project success with positive traits enhancing productivity and performance while negative traits hindering staff productivity/ performance. In the end while positive traits promote project success, negative traits hinder project success.
project leadership traits, middle management, project success