Effectiveness of Scrum Methodology in the management of software development projects

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Framework: Management of the software development project changes daily and increases day to day. Major benefits that attract firms to develop software some are a reduction on cost, delivery time reduction, the quality improvement well definition of the process, resource allocation and improvement in documentation. However, several problems have been documented in different methods of software development projects. But these problems can be solved by the use of agile practices. SCRUM is an agile methodology used to manage and control work during the development stages. The present documentation presents the comprehensive outward look of the effectiveness of scrum in the management of software development projects. This research aimed at exploring the extent to which this method is more effective than other methods. The focus of this paper is on the effectiveness of the stated method in accordance with real-life examples. Aims and Objectives: In the scope of the dissertation investigation has been done on the effectiveness of the scrum methodology in the management of a software development project. Investigation of other project management challenges faced, different scrum practices used by organizations in software development. Moreover, benefits achieved and challenges faced during the implementation of the method in the organizations in order to address the management challenges of software development projects. Methods: literature review was carried out to understand different managerial problems in software development projects and how scrum methodology is being used to overwhelm the issues. The research was conducted using semi-structured interviews with ten managers from ten different software organizations and an online survey with sixty (60) participants. Collected data from the literature was analyzed using qualitative data analysis technique. MS Excel and IBM statistical tool SPSS was used in the input of data and its analysis. Quantitative data collected from 200 participants have been analyzed using statistical tools, the inclusion of the SPSS software Results: By a result of the study, the effectiveness of SCRUM practices was identified. Seemingly, the challenges of the SCRUM inclusion was highlighted. The used quantitative analysis offered accurate and ideal results that were meaningful in drawing conclusions concerning the SCRUM application.
scrum methodology, software development projects, project management, software organizations