Identifying the Impact of the Critical Success Factors on the Success of IT Projects in UAE

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Understanding what can influence performance of information technology (IT) projects is vital to achieve success in these projects. This research study aims to identify the critical success factors (CSF's) that are required in implementing success information technology (IT) projects in UAE. We have collected factors that are candidate to be suitable for the UAE market by investigating IT project management literature in different countries and domains. The collected factors have been examined in order to measure their impact on the success of IT projects in UAE and find if they can be considered critical to the UAE market or not. This has been accomplished by collecting feedback from IT project managers in UAE using a questionnaire. Data collected from 41 participants who responded to the study questionnaire. Data analysis evidenced that collected candidate factors are critical to the success of IT projects in UAE. It also ranked factors impact on overall project success based on the strength of the relation between the factor and different success criteria elements "Scope, Cost, Time, & Quality". Factors sorted by their impact are: adequate team capabilities, selection of the right team, clear goals and objectives, effective communication, adequate requirements management, end user involvement, minimize project complexity, effective monitor & control, top management support, strong project leadership, effective risk management, and adequate planning. The study also showed that the effect of success criteria elements on how IT project managers in UAE perceive success is very near. These elements sorted by their influence are cost success, quality success, time success, and scope success.
critical success factors, information technology, United Arab Emirates (UAE), project failure, project success, IT projects