The impact of leadership on organizational conflict and turnover in UAE organizations

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British University in Dubai
Today in any organization leadership plays a very important role in directing and motivating individuals, and leading organizations into specific desired goals. New leadership styles have emerged in today’s world, in response to the need for more flexible organizational structure and functions. New leadership styles have been created and used to minimize organizational conflict and to raise organizations and individuals beyond their differences into common goals and vision. The main objective of this research is to identify the impact of leadership behaviors on organizational conflict and turnover, as well as to study the effects of organizational conflict on turnover. A questionnaire has been distributed among 300 employees working in different governmental entities in the UAE. The aim of the questionnaire was to determine if there is a relationship between leadership behaviors, organizational conflict and turnover. The behaviors of leadership that the study has focused on were; group goals, individualized support, appropriate role model, intellectual stimulation, high performance expectations, and articulating a vision. Furthermore, the type of conflict that the study examined was the intra-individual conflict, including work family conflict, goal conflict, and frustration. Following the review of the questionnaires’ analysis by using different statistical methods, it was discovered that all the previous factors are related together and have impact on each other. Findings of the study concluded that there’s a relationship between leadership behaviors and organizational conflict, thus turnover. The study also concluded that there’s a relation between intra individuals’ conflict and turnover in organizations. Finally some recommendations were offered to help raise the issue of leadership and conflict in organizations, to minimize conflict and turnover.
leadership, organizational conflict, turnover, United Arab Emirates (UAE), motivation, leadership styles, organizational structure, performance