Employee Motivation and Job Satisfaction in Project-based Organization: The case of the UAE

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The British University in Dubai
Employees are the most important assets of an organization. Moreover in today’s highly competitive world employees are the factors which determine success or failure of an organization. They are the ones who interact with the customer on a day to day basis and carry out the whole operations. As such the organizations need to give more attention to the contentment of the employees. In addition, as quality human resource gets more and more sparse, the companies need to pay more heed to the satisfaction of employees. Also in addition to the satisfaction of the employee, employer has a role to play in the motivation of the employee. If the employee is motivated towards the work then it is likely to yield more results. All the organization’s need to focus on employee satisfaction and keep the worker motivated. In case of project based organizations, the subject acquires greater significance as the projects have various constraints and require quality manpower and effort on the part of employees. As such the study is quite relevant to the project organizations. The current study is directed towards understanding the importance of job satisfaction and the role it has on employee motivation in case of project based organizations. The research attempts to fulfill the following objectives – 1. The first purpose is to examine the overall level of job satisfaction within a project based organization in UAE. 2. The second purpose is to examine the employee motivation within a project based organization in UAE, in relation to research into job satisfaction and the efforts of various demographic characteristics, if any, job satisfaction. In order to provide an answer to the research questions and to understand the concept of employee satisfaction and motivation, researcher analyzed the works of various scholars. The literature review chapter provided a theoretical perspective for the study and a direction for the research by elaborating on the subject and the different factors that impact job satisfaction and employee motivation. Further for the purpose of getting the viewpoints of the employees in a project based organization, researcher utilized the survey approach for the same. Finally the researcher also carried out interviews for understanding the perspectives of the managers. The study was able to establish that the job satisfaction and employee motivation are associated with each other and the workers seek satisfaction to a greater extent in the project based organizations, and the same was quite high in the organization where research was carried out.
employee motivation, job satisfaction, project-based organization, United Arab Emirates (UAE)