A Study on Work life and wellbeing aspects of global project managers and their impact on Performance

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Purpose – This dissertation explores the impact of Global Project Manager wellbeing on his / her performance at work. Design/methodology/approach – The research considers data gathered through survey questionnaire, interviews, and usage of real world examples. The data outcome will be compared amongst each other and against literature review. Findings – Global Project Managers’ responses of survey, interviews, and quotes showed an agreement that if the sampled Global Project Management do not have their wellbeing elements fulfilled; this will not impact their performance at work; although the majority of the respondents agreed that the employers need to involve in fulfilling the wellbeing of their employees. Originality/value – The underlying value of the paper is showing the importance of having five essential elements of wellbeing; which were chosen from a published framework; and assumed as the most influential elements on Global Project Managers; to achieve and succeed more efficiently at work. The data collection used three approaches to make sure that the results would be triangulated. The research was conducted in the UAE and used some of the data input from surrounding countries in the region. The results were compared against each other and compared to the literature; and showed agreement. Having reached these findings; it is strongly recommended to conduct further research building on this paper, and using various factors for measuring wellbeing and performance at work; and accordingly see what the results show compared to this dissertation outcomes.
work life, global project managers, performance, project management, United Arab Emirates (UAE)