The Effectiveness of the Knowledge Management in the Business Organisation Environment

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British University in Dubai
The following paper aims to explore the effectiveness of the Knowledge Management (KM) employed in the case of ABC Data Clearing House through the implementation of a high performance KM systems and the subsequent effect on the business environment. However, the concentration of the paper will be on the concept of Knowledge Management System (KMS) followed by the importance of applying knowledge management and knowledge management practices. Semi-structured interviews will be used as a main methodology for collecting data among the Organisation. Also, different KM techniques and technologies will be used in the KM concepts such as a mentorship program and video conferencing. Furthermore, the findings and discussion will focus and study the challenges faced by the organisation and the viable solutions to the organisation presented in the form of KM systems and the benefits. However, the concentration will be on the main challenge which is using KMS more effectively than other competitors do. Experiences of other organisations and companies are also included in different organisations. These experiences were analyzed to investigate the effect of KM of work performance in their companies. The research is also including some recommendations on applying a successful KMS and the advantages of using the technology as one of the best practices to capture the market. Finally, conclusions are drawn based on the discussed topics.
Knowledge Management System, business environment, organisation, techniques, technologies, methodology, Challenge and performance