Effectiveness of Project Management Office (PMO) in UAE Context: Exploring the Link between Meeting the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) of Central Enterprise PMO and its Added Values

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
One of the most significant current discussions in the project management field is having an effective PMO that can play significant roles to enable organizations to achieve their goals and objectives through enhancing the effectiveness of the project management, hence Meeting the CSFs of the central EPMOs is a crucial factor to ensure that central EPMOs add the expected values to their organizations. This study deals with an existing problem at many contracting organizations in UAE that is the noticeable fluctuation of the added values by their project management offices in the different Emirates in UAE since project managers at those project management offices are willing only to achieve success of their projects regardless meeting the CSFs of the central EPMOs (if CEPMO is exist) or because there is no CEPMO at all that affect the entire added values to the organizations. Accordingly, the motivation to study this problem is to determine how organizations can increase the values that can be added by their CEPMOs through meeting the CSFs of those CEPMOs. The main aim of this research is to critically examine and assess the relationship between achieving the CSFs of the CEPMO and the added values by it to the organizations, furthermore this study analyze the relationships between different factors of the CSFs of CEPMO and the values that can be added by CEPMOs through the study hypotheses. The study undertakes an in-depth literature review on the different definitions, roles and functions, opportunities and threats, maturity models, and it focuses on the CSFs of the PMOs that support the aim of the study. Moreover, the study defines the proper way to assess the performance of the PMOs and the metrics that should be used for such assessment. Subsequently, a survey questionnaire is carried out to collect the empirical data that is used to examine the research hypotheses through quantitative research approach using SPSS software to determine the relationship between meeting the CSFs of the central EPMOs and its added values The findings confirm that there is a strong direct relationship between meeting the CSFs of CEPMOs and the added values by CEPMOs that enhance the overall organizational performance. Accordingly, this study recommends the contracting organizations (medium or large size) in UAE to have central EPMOs that can manage and control the project management offices in the different Emirates to meet the CSFs of the CEPMOs to ensure adding the appropriate values level to the organizations.
Central Enterprise Project Management Office (CEPMO), Critical Success Factors (CSFs), added values, contracting organization, United Arab Emirates (UAE)