The Mediating Role of Empowerment on the Impact of Servant Leadership on Safety Culture Maturity: A Case Study in UAE Petrochemical Plant

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
This study explores the relationship between servant leadership and safety culture maturity in a UAE petrochemical plant. It investigates how employee empowerment can mediate this connection. Effective leadership is essential for creating a mature safety culture in high-risk industries like petrochemicals. Servant leaders prioritize employees' needs and focus on their development; these traits are conducive to fostering an advanced safety environment. This research seeks to understand how empowering workers influence the impact of servant leadership on mature safety culture. This study proposes employee empowerment as a key mediator. Thus, servant leaders can foster a safe working environment that promotes trust and respect by enabling their staff through empowerment strategies such as entrusting responsibility and providing support when needed. The research employs a case study to explore the relationship between leadership and safety culture in a UAE petrochemical plant. It aims to contribute to the existing literature on this topic and provide practical guidance for organizations looking to improve their safety culture. In this study, mediation was conducted by using Hayes’ Process Macro through IBM SPSS. Findings identify the positive impact of servant leadership on safety culture maturity through full mediation of empowerment. This suggests that servant leadership and employee empowerment are key factors in promoting mature safety cultures, highlighting the vital role of human elements in occupational health. The research offers insight into how leaders can influence workplace safety within the petrochemical industry.