Project-Based Organization Structure and Procurement

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British University in Dubai
The main purpose of this dissertation is to examine and understand the impact of the non-availability of project-based structure and the existing procurement method implemented in a semi-governmental company. Specifically, it addresses the resourcing and progress of an in-house accommodation building and ablution block construction project. First different academic studies on organizational structure, project-based structure and alternative structures are reviewed to gain an in-depth understanding of organizational structure and identifying alternatives means of developing a structure and system for the company’s in-house project. In order to understand the actual impact of the above problems on the overall progress of the in-house construction project, a project diary was completed by the researcher who is a civil engineer and was involved from the early stages of the project. The data collected was analyzed and it was noted that there was miscommunication internally between the team members and externally with other departments particularly in the process of purchasing materials and appointing sub-contractors. These tasks typically have taken between 2 weeks to 6 weeks resulting in late delivery of the project by 8 months from the original plan. Based on the analysis of the data and with the action research objective to overcome the problem of miscommunication it is recommended to develop a mini project-based structure that can be assembled when required by grouping employees from different departments and disbanding them after the project is completed. However for the procurement problem a detailed ‘Hard System Model of Change’ was developed to be recommended to senior management to avoid in future unnecessary problems created by processes failures in in-house projects.
Organization Structure, Procurement, project-based structure