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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The structural engineers are always in a challenge between the responsibility for the people life and the development in the structural engineering sector, the long spans or the height of the buildings also the modern design that needs flexibility required from the structural engineer to discover new ideas and seek for a new solution to break the limitation of the traditionally used manufacturing processes of the concrete, and move to a new page which is a smart structure-based new technology, such as 3D concrete printing, that will help the structural engineer and the construction sector to be more creative. Taking under consideration that every complex structure gives complex loads and dynamic nature, in addition to that it will increase time and cost which is very critical points in the construction stage. The present paper reviews all the properties, features, advantages, and disadvantages of 3D printing will be discussed with approval. This dissertation or thesis is surveying research, the type of the survey is a questionnaire, it was done online by using SurveyMonkey or Google Forms, and the design of the question was developed and selected carefully which includes a critical point about 3D printing, the questions were distributed between engineers with different engineering background, like civil engineers, structural engineers, MSc. in structural engineering, PhD. in structural engineering, and researchers. And it was targeting engineers in different locations and in different fields. This survey research includes questions that are divided into different sections. The types of the questions are closed-ended questions and that means quantitative research which provides numerical data that can be statistically analyzed to find correlation, trends, patterns. On the other hand, the result of the responses is static analysis, usually using computer programs like SPSS, Stata, or Excel. Knowing that survey results are organized and discussed in the conclusion.
structural engineers, 3-dimensional, 3D concrete printing