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Title: The Effect of Heterogeneity in Project Management on Team Performance: A Review of Culture in Heterogeneity Project Teams and its Role in Successful Project Management
Authors: Al Ali, Ebrahim Ali
Keywords: project management
team performance
project teams
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
organizational performance
project heterogeneity
decision making
Issue Date: Jun-2016
Publisher: The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Abstract: In projects, culture plays a dominant role and it implies to project management too. While past research has explored how organizational performance is affected by its culture, however, lower focus was made on the importance of projects and how heterogeneity in projects affects project performance and organizational performance. In this research, the importance of project heterogeneity will be evaluated in light of the high cultural diversity found in UAE.The research employed the qualitative research methodology. The research analysed cultural aspects by conducting authentic research and owing to the reason; the research explored the aspects of cultural activities and its influence over the management in the business industry of UAE. In this research the researcher have made an attempt to analyse the impact of organizational culture and national norms and values in the planning, making and execution of projects with the help of semi-structured interviews in two major business organizations of UAE. The responses of interviews have been critically assessed according to the coding principles and beliefs of grounded theory in order to obtain the answers of predefined questions of research. A detailed analysis of the collected data indicates the difference of views of people with respect to behaviour and decision making patterns in the management of projects globally. This is closely linked cultural difference because it has great influence over the decision taking.
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