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Title: An exploration of the impact of project management practitioner heterogeneity in energy projects in Oman
Authors: Alharrasi, Mohamed Ali Saleh
Keywords: project performance
project management
global energy projects
energy industry
Issue Date: Oct-2016
Publisher: The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Abstract: The study evaluates the impact of project practitioners’ heterogeneity on project performance. The rationale for the study was pegged on the rising popularity and use of the project management approach over the traditional functional management approach to global energy projects in Oman. In order to ensure the practicality of the obtained study findings, the research narrowed down its scope to Oman’s energy industry projects. The study had three main deliverables; these were to establish existing forms of practitioner heterogeneity in Oman energy projects, establish the relationship between heterogeneity and project performance, and develop a cost-benefit analysis of project practitioners’ heterogeneity on Oman energy projects. In order to achieve its deliverables, the study collected quantitative data. In this case, a cross-sectional survey was conducted on 100 project practitioners in the Oman energy industry. The use of primary data ensured that the study achieved the most recent and relevant data. The analysis demonstrated three main findings: 1. Practitioners’ heterogeneity observed is largely categorised into two levels - the cultural and personal traits heterogeneity aspects. 2. The existence of heterogeneity had a relationship to project success and failure. 3. The merits of heterogeneity exceed the challenges, thus the conclusion is that heterogeneity should be encouraged in Oman energy projects. Overall, the study findings are projected to make a contribution to the existing literature, as well as to perpetuate a heterogeneity preference culture among project managers and coordinators in the Oman energy industry.
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