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Title: The Execution of Public-Private Partnership Projects in Abu Dhabi: Strategic Objectives and Critical Success Factors
Authors: Al Areefi, Mohamed Mohsen
Keywords: Public-Private Partnership
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
critical success
Issue Date: Jan-2013
Publisher: The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Abstract: Public-private partnerships or PPPs are becoming very popular in project execution across the globe. Plausibly, PPPs were initiated as the best avenue to evade spending controls and possibly conceal public budget deficits. Although various countries adopted PPPs early enough, UAE is on record for belatedly using this latest procurement approach in availing public infrastructure or services. From literature reviews, little acknowledged work has been documented in ascertaining the rationale behind the increasing use of PPPs approach in UAE and the necessary factors for PPP projects to succeed. The main aim of this study was evaluating Abu Dhabi's experience in assuming Public-private partnership as a relatively new procurement strategy. Various project cases were evaluated and analyzed in revealing the perceived objective behind adoption of PPP approach within Abu Dhabi and finding the critical success factors to implement PPP projects successfully. The results demonstrated economic growth, Value-for-money, and maximizing revenues and government assists as the highly ranked economics and financial objectives for adopting PPPs in Abu Dhabi. Further, the results revealed quality related objectives such as quality of provided public services, and function focus. Further, the findings have shown that CSFs such as planning stage factors, PPP structure factors and economic environment factors are considered as the most fundamental factors in executing PPPs project successfully in Abu Dhabi.
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